Welcome to Citrus Hotels!

At Citrus Hotels, we believe that every journey should be a memorable one and that is why we have dedicated ourselves to providing our guests with exceptional experiences and unparalleled hospitality. As a leading chain of luxury hotels in India, we take pride in our commitment to creating a home away from home for travellers seeking comfort, luxury and personalised service. Our story began with a vision to redefine hospitality by blending contemporary elegance with a touch of local charm. Since our inception, we have strived to exceed the expectations of our guests by offering state-of-the-art facilities, impeccable service and a warm and welcoming ambience.

Each Citrus Hotel is a testament to our passion for providing an unparalleled stay. From our tastefully designed rooms and suites to our thoughtfully curated dining experiences, every aspect of our hotels has been carefully crafted to ensure utmost comfort and satisfaction. Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to making your stay truly special, attending to every detail to cater to your unique needs. Whether you are visiting for business, leisure or a special occasion, we go the extra mile to ensure that your time with us is truly unforgettable. From the moment you step into our elegant lobbies to the time you bid farewell, we promise to make your journey with us an enriching and delightful one.


As a part of our commitment to environmental sustainability, we are continuously striving to reduce our carbon footprint and contribute positively to the communities we serve. We believe in responsible hospitality that not only benefits our guests but also protects the natural beauty and cultural heritage of the destinations we operate in. We are proud of our heritage and excited for the future, as we continue to expand our presence and uphold our unwavering dedication to excellence. At Citrus Hotels, our passion for hospitality drives us to exceed boundaries and create moments that will stay with you long after you've checked out. Come, experience the warmth of Citrus Hotels, where every stay is a cherished memory waiting to be made. We look forward to welcoming you and being a part of your unforgettable journey.